Frequently Asked Questions

If you've got a question about our cryptocurrency trading courses, our bespoke crypto trading alerts, the C1M Discord community or our industry leading support and mentoring services then check out our FAQ below.

If you need to speak to one of the team or your question is not shown below then please feel free to email us at and a support ticket will be created. One of the team will get back to you ASAP, usually in (much) less than 24 hours Monday - Friday, and sometimes a little longer over the weekends.

Signing Up

How do I sign up for your cryptocurrency trading education courses?

Head over to our Join Us page where you can sign up for all of our courses for free.

If you’re here for our custom coded Binance trade alerts then you can choose our C1M+ membership from there too and get access to the alerts straight away, with a 14 day trial before we ask for payment!

What if I change my mind about signing up for C1M+ ?

We offer a 14 day zero risk trial for all first time C1M+ members during which you can try all of the features of our services, including our custom trade alerts that will save you lots of time picking trades and help you make more money. You also get access to our unrivalled support services in the form of mentoring via our Personal Coaching Session video calls. You can cancel at any time during this 14 day trial and we will not charge you, just make sure that you cancel before the trial period is over.

Do I need ID to access your education or become a C1M+ member?

Free members: No, we don’t ask for ID, just an email address. That gets you access to our constantly updated education, for free!

C1M+ members: We do require a credit card on sign up for this membership to ensure that we are only dealing with genuine customers. This is especially important because we offer a 14 day no risk trial at the start of this membership.

Are you going to bombard me with emails etc once you have my details?

We may send you a short bi-weekly newsletter which will have tailored information in it that will be helpful for you and the odd marketing email here and there to see if you are ready to move on to our C1M+ membership which gives you a massive advantage in your trading, both in the time spent each day to hit your target and in increasing your success rate. Other than that we will generally do most of our announcements in our Discord community, which is the primary place we engage with our customers. You can, of course, unsubscribe from our communications at any point that you wish.

If for any reason you don’t want to move forward with any aspect of membership you can tell us and we can either set our systems to give you a month or two before next contact or we can remove you from our database entirely. The choice is always yours.

Do you sell customer’s details to other businesses?

Absolutely not! We never have and we never will.

How much time do I need to dedicate to training and then trading to make money?

We’ve designed this to be easy to learn, quick to understand and fast to apply to actual trading. If you trade using our bespoke trade alerts on the futures markets (our most advanced course and the quickest way to make big gains safely) then you’ll be able to get your daily trading done in a couple of hours usually, and that could be 4 days a week or whatever works for you.

We want maximum time in our lives to enjoy doing what we want and that is reflected in our trading style and the way we teach you to trade.

I’ve heard that trading cryptocurrency is risky / my friends told me it’s a bad idea etc etc, is that true?

Trading cryptocurrency is as risky as trading anything else, and the risk factor for either of those things depends on so many variables. We've made everything as simple and safe as possible for you by explaining all of the key considerations including how to be safe and secure with your money, how to avoid scammers and how to reduce your trading risk to an absolute minimum by using the safety features built into the trading platform.

It’s not totally risk free but we have done everything we can to help you be a successful trader and we offer a huge range of support options to polish the rough edges and get you making money all the time like clockwork.

Also, tell your friend that’s putting doubts in your ear to come and take a course, see what they think, that’s a few hours of their life that could lead to freedom from the 9 to 5. That’s got to be worth a bit of time, surely?

Affiliate Scheme

Is there a limit to the number of people I can refer and still get a portion of their membership fee?

There is no limit to the number of people you can refer to our cryptocurrency trading courses and trade alerts. If they sign up and become a paying customer, we will pay you 25% of the membership fees that they pay us, for the life of their membership. That’s it, extremely simple and a potentially great money earner!

How do you pay me for the affiliate commission I will be due?

We pay affiliate commissions via PayPal with the address that you use to sign up to our affiliate scheme.

The payments are automatically sent when your account balance reaches $50.

I recommended a friend have a look at your website but they didn’t use my link to register. Is there anything I can do to get them linked up to my account?

Sure, just drop us a message with your friends email address that they signed up with and we will connect your accounts.


What payment methods does C1M accept?

You can currently pay for our C1M+ membership which includes our trade alerts and our personal coaching sessions using all major credit cards and debit cards.

If you wish to pay with a method other than those listed please use the contact page to get in touch and we will help.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 14 day trial at the start of your first paid membership period where you can make some trades using our custom coded trade alerts and generally get to know us and how C1M works.

Once this trial period is over you will be charged using the method that you set up when you signed up. If you want to cancel before this trial is over you can do so any time, as we offer no refunds once we have charged you.

Is there a fixed membership length?

No. You can be a free member for as long as you like, and then we have C1M+ memberships of various lengths that you can choose from, and the longer the membership the better the price is. You are not committing to anything other than the length of package you choose.

If you are a monthly, quarterly or annual subscriber and the payment method we have on file for you is declined, we will make 2 further attempts to complete the transaction. Should these two further attempts to take payment fail, then your access to the membership benefits will be removed until a payment is made. We will attempt to take payment again the following planned payment cycle (i.e next month, next quarter, depending on the membership you are currently on).


Why do you ask us to use your link to sign up to Binance?

We keep our paid C1M+ membership fees very low because we also make some money through Binance's affiliate scheme. The Binance affiliate scheme gives us a portion of the fees that our customers get charged by Binance when trading, fees that you would be paying either way - but Binance give some of those fees to us instead of taking them all themselves!

We are then able to give some of this back to our customers if we want to, and we have decided to give you back half of what we could take. So in the end you save, we gain a little bit and Binance gains a lot because we bring them lots of people that otherwise wouldn't be using their platform.

It’s one of those rare cases where everyone’s a winner, baby!

How do I sign up to Binance and get your discount on trading fees?

We cover the sign up process in detail in our How To Buy, Send & Store Crypto course and our Futures course, so for the fullest explanation we recommend that you watch the videos that talk about this process.

We go into depth about how to secure your account using 2-factor authentication (2FA), how to add money to your account, as well as some other aspects of Binance that will be useful to know.

If you just want to get started with your account you can use this link Create Binance Account to create new Binance account that will have a lifetime 10% discount on trading fees due to our link.

Can I use another trading platform to do my trades?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is that all of our crypto training, trade alerts and trade calculators are set up around Binance and the specific activity happening on that platform.

The reason we chose Binance is that it has the lowest fees of any large scale trading platform and it has fantastic volumes on each of the areas that we trade in. We also believe that Binance is the most innovative platform that has good support and robust security, which makes it an easy choice for us and for our customers.

I’m based in the US and I can’t get access to the unrestricted version of Binance that you use in your videos. What can I do?

We have a number of US customers that have decided to use Binance through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) when they trade. This means that they are able to have an account with and trade on all of the same pairings that we do.

We are unable to confirm if there are any downsides to this and we are also unable to make an official recommendation that anyone does this. We are merely confirming that it is possible and we are aware of people that do it.

If you choose to use this method to access Binance you do so at your own risk.

I’ve got a technical issue with something on Binance, where can I get help about that?

The best place to access our help regarding something on Binance that doesn’t seem to be working, perhaps a non-functioning chart for example, is in our community on Discord in the first instance as you will get an answer quickly. You can also reach out to our support team there and the other members that are on there are also very helpful and knowledgeable. Account queries like security issues etc should be directed to Binance.

When it comes to asking us or the community anything, don’t be afraid to ask, nobody was born knowing how to trade, we all made mistakes and didn’t know stuff, that’s part of the process and we are very happy to help.

Does Binance have extra security features to help me keep my account secure?

Yes it does. Binance has 2-factor authentication (2FA) to help stop hackers from cracking your password and accessing your account, as well as withdrawal whitelists so that you can only move funds to pre-authorised accounts that only you can edit.

You will also have to do email and text verification for some account level actions, so it really makes it hard to take money from you without your permission.

Someone from C1M asked me for my Binance login details, should that be happening?

Absolutely not! We will never, ever ask for your login details for anything!

Nobody ever should; your system administrator at work doesn’t need it, your bank will never need it and we will never need your login details either. Do not get scammed by being the weak link in the chain.

If you are ever in doubt that you are speaking to the right person just get in touch with us through this website and make sure the address is correct (, or use Discord and speak to an admin.

Discord Community

How do I sign up for Discord?

You need to be a member on this website in order to be able to sign up to our Discord server, so either sign up for course by giving us your email address or have a look at our Join Us page and choose a membership package that suits you if you want to get access to alerts and coaching straight away and then you will be able to join our Discord.

Do I need to be on Discord to access all of your features?

If you want to access things like our live seminars, our trade alerts and our community then the only place these things are found is Discord. You could just take the training courses which we host on our site but you would be missing out on a huge part of what we offer.

As an example, our trade alerts can supercharge the number of trading opportunities you’ll see to a level that is not possible to achieve without them, and they run 24/7/365 so you can trade whenever you want.

Discord is free to join and use.

Discord is blocked in my country, what can I do?

We are aware that some of our customers use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access the various platforms that we use to trade, including Discord.

This seems to work fine but if you use a VPN to access anything to do with C1M, you do so at your own risk.


Do you keep track of my progress, so if I logged in using another computer would it all still be there?

Yes, your progress is logged in our backend system so no matter where you are learning from you will be in the right place.

This also helps us offer you the best, bespoke, support if you need it as we can see where you are and offer advice based on that progress.

I am a total beginner and I am finding some aspects of the Futures course hard to follow. Is there someone that can help me with a couple of questions?

Yes, we have a lot of options to help get you back on track. You can:

  • Chat with us on Discord where we can help with most issues
  • Book a Personal Coaching Session with one of our team and we will get you back on the right track quickly
  • Ask the community for help in Discord, but we would prefer if you speak directly with us in the first instance if you are a beginner so that we can make sure you are getting the best possible advice from the start
  • Get in touch via our Contact Us page, though for trading or learning related questions you will likely get a faster answer via Discord

Making sure you understand the concepts we are teaching and can become a successful trader is out priority.

I’ve noticed that there are some indicators / methods / techniques that are not covered in your courses. Why is this?

Our number one aim is to make our customers successful crypto traders. To do this we have taken all of our knowledge gained over many years and tried to strip out anything that isn’t 100% necessary to success.

This means that our training courses are as simple to follow as possible and therefore very simple to begin applying. You don’t have to remember 1000 things before you can make a good trade, you only need to remember what we teach you.

Is there more out there that could help? Yes, there is, and we do recommend some extra reading around deep subjects like candle patterns, but this is supplementary and not required for success.


How do the alerts work?

Our bespoke trade alerts are the result of thousands of hours of trading, analysis and coding, so we are careful not to give too much away about how we have created them.

That said, we can tell you that the alerts monitor all of the markets and pairings on Binance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to spot opportunities that we have found make for favourable trading conditions.

You will still need to apply your own knowledge and skills when choosing to buy or sell a coin or open a position, the alerts are for potential opportunities to trade, not signals that you should blindly follow.

Can I buy a coin at whatever the alert price is or do I need to do something else?

It’s important when an alert comes in that you analyse the trading opportunity before you buy. We highly discourage just buying at the alert price because it takes any skill out of the equation and often it means that you buy before the coin has hit the point of reversal, so you could have got in at a better price and sold sooner for a quicker trade.

This is where knowledge and skill comes in and why it is important to understand what you are seeing when you look at the charts so that you can make an informed decision.

Can I just pay for the alerts only as I am already an experienced trader and I've heard your alerts are great?

Well firstly you heard right, the C1M cryptocurrency trading alerts are great!

You get access to the alerts as part of your membership which starts at $47 if you pay per month and reduces in price if you pay for longer time periods. This covers all of our services including support, but we do not offer an alerts only option as we find that most people want everything.

We currently have no plans to offer alerts only but if there is demand we will of course investigate further.


What support is available to me as a customer?

We have a wide range of options available to you if you need any help with trading or with our courses.

  • Chat with us on Discord where we can help with most issues
  • Book a Personal Coaching Session with one of our team and we will get you back on the right track quickly. (C1M+ Customers only)
  • Ask the community for help in Discord, but we would prefer if you speak directly with us in the first instance if you are a beginner so that we can make sure you are getting the best possible advice from the start
  • Get in touch via our Contact Us page, though for trading or learning related questions you will likely get a faster answer via Discord
What happens on a Personal Coaching Session video call?

We’ll start by talking about your current trading or educational situation, what’s working, what isn’t and then we can work out a strategy together to improve the areas that need work.

You can do one of these every month as part of your C1M+ membership. We have found that our customers love this option as they get proper, focussed attention on their trading from the people that created the training courses, so any issues are picked up quickly and there are always a lot of different ways to improve on things.

We tend to see a quick improvement in customers’ trades after the Personal Coaching Session calls are done.

What’s the deal with the live trading seminars?

These are super popular amongst our customers. We will normally cover one specific aspect of trading, such as trend analysis, and look through multiple coins to look at trends on each coin.

One of our training team will be leading the session and we are able to take questions from traders at specific points in the session. We also ask for suggestions about topics from the community so that we are always covering stuff that is useful for people.

We currently run a couple per week and keep recording of them on our YouTube channel so you can always catch up on some old sessions if we have covered something that might be useful for you.

I am worried about looking stupid asking questions in Discord!

We completely understand this and it’s for this reason that we have a main area for general questions and then some more specialist areas for more specific areas of trading.

It’s fine to ask questions anywhere of course, but the main group is the best place for general trading related questions. All of our customers started somewhere, they all had questions at one point or other, and they are friendly and patient answering questions because of that.

So, don’t be shy, nobody is going to laugh at you or be impatient, they will help you get what you need and we are there too in the form of the admin team to help as well.


I can’t enter payment details, use contact forms or other bits of your website. What might be causing this?

We have found that some browser based antivirus or ad blocking software can cause issues with accessing certain parts of the website because our site is run on Ontraport. The best way to solve this is to whitelist, and

If the problem persists, please contact us at or via the Contact Us page and we will do what we can to resolve the issues for you.

I am trying to log into the site but can’t and it is saying I need to complete registration. What should I do?

If you were a member before 29th September 2020 then we will have emailed you on 29/09/20 to send you the sign up email that you need to follow to have your old account progress and details reinstated. If you need us to send that again please email support at

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