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So you've done a C1M trading course, nailed a bunch of trades and made some sweet, sweet Satoshis, so what now???
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Or maybe that last sentence means literally nothing to you, but you have some money and you want to get some cryptocurrency and ride this train you've been reading about for the last few years.
It doesn't matter what camp you find yourself in, if you want to learn how to grow your crypto assets, be it the big dog Bitcoin or some of the smaller alts like Ripple or Doge, we can show you how to do it safely, strategically and most importantly of all, repeatably.

The C1M Portfolio Course is designed to help you choose the right coins to hold for the long term and also, if you want to, grow the amount of those coins at the same time.

Learning how to choose what cryptocurrency to invest in and why you should invest in that cryptocurrency makes you feel a lot more relaxed when you ride the inevitable ups and downs that all coins go through. The difference is that we will also teach you how to use those ups and downs to grow your total cryptocurrency holdings at the same time. It really is win, win.

You can sign up below to be notified when this course goes live and you can also use our Binance discount link to get yourself a Binance account with 45% discount on your trading fees, which will save you thousands of dollars in fees.

If you want to see what our other course are about then you can check out the videos below that give you a taste of what's to come.
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