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Our custom coded trade alerts will save you hours and make you more money
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Don't waste your time scouring the markets for the opportunity to trade, let our cryptocurrency trade alerts do that for you
Picture this; you're sat in your kitchen, coffee in one hand, phone in the other, checking Instagram to see what The Rock has been cookin' in his kitchen, when you hear that special 'ping'. That's right, you've just received a C1M trade alert! But hold on, what does that mean? It means it's time to trade, baby!

Our custom coded trade alerts are the result of hundreds and hundreds of hours of trading, testing and analysis. They will let you know when to start looking at Binance and get ready to trade. Basically the idea is that they do all the leg work of watching hundreds of cryptocurrency coins, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so you don't have to. They just let you know when conditions are primed for you to trade based on the simple training that we give you.

This is our premium product, and the only thing that we ask for any payment for, but, as with all of our education, this actual training course is free. We thought that the best way for people to understand what the C1M crypto trade alerts are about was to actually let people see how they work, and taking the alerts training course is a really good way to do that.

Another great way to see how the alerts work is to enjoy a free, 14 day trial of our custom coded cryptocurrency trade alerts. That's correct, you can try the alerts, for free, for 2 weeks, as well as being able to access all of our training and educational tools for free forever. Arguably we're tooting our own trombone here, but that's a pretty frickin' sweet deal!

You can check out the first three videos from our trade alerts course below and then when you're ready for the rest, you can have them all for free by signing up below with your email address. As soon as you sign up you'll be taken to our thank you page where you can access our 45% off Binance discount too which will save you thousands on your fees!

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