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We've made some excellent tools to help you make more money
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This free course will show you how to use them
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We've crafted some incredible spreadsheets, tools and quick reference guides to help our crypto traders make profit more quickly, get trades set up more accurately and create plans that will earn money time and again.
This course is designed to teach anyone that just wants to use one of our crypto futures trading spreadsheets, for example, how to get themselves set up, what everything on the spreadsheet does and how to get the best from it.

We expect people to use this course to learn about specific tools that we have created as the need arises. Don't feel like you need to watch the whole thing if you just want to learn about our cryptocurrency trade alert checklist, just watch the videos that apply to you. That said, all of the tools we make are useful and every video on this course will be of value to you at some point if you're trading using our methods.

This course is still in development but you can check out the intro lessons of our current courses below and then sign up for free if you want to see more. If you sign up for free you will also be able to download any of our tools that you want, again, for free, and our current courses show you how to use them. We recognised that some people that already trade just want the tools, which is why we've put this course on our development list. They're simple to use so if that's you just sign up below and you'll get access to them via your C1M dashboard.

When you're signed up you will be taken to a thank you page that will give you access to our 45% off Binance fees link which you can use to set up a discounted Binance account that will save you thousands in fees over time.
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