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  2. Throughout these terms and conditions, the terms “us”, “we” or “our” refer to www.c1m.io
  3. We may change these terms and conditions at times and without notice. Your use of www.c1m.io or anything related to www.c1m.io after any changes have been made will automatically constitute your agreement on a prospective basis. Please keep up to date with our terms and conditions for any updates.
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  8. Paid members will be able to participate in discussions with other users and the owners of www.c1m.io. You are solely responsible for any user content you post to www.c1m.io and any other environments operated by www.c1m.io. By posting anything to www.c1m.io, you automatically grant anyone in the world, nonexclusive, irrevocable ongoing license to use, reproduce or distribute your user content in connection with the site, including and without limitation part or all of the site in any manner of media and to authorise others to do the same. By posting on www.c1m.io you warrant that you have the right and do so the foregoing rights to further share or distribute your content.
  9. We reserve the right to remove any user content that we deem unsuitable for inclusion on www.c1m.io . We do not approve or endorse any user content and may remove any content, without notice if we deem is unfit which may or may not including the following breaches:
  10. Threatening or abusive behaviour
  11. Obscene or pornographic material
  12. Contains or utilises any corrupt or malicious code, including any virus or programme that may damage or interfere with www.c1m.io in any way.
  13. Contains advertising material, links of any other promotion of any external entity.
  14. Anything that interferes with the functioning and enjoyment of the site for our users in any way.
  15. The site and content are provided “as is”. To the fullest extent permitted  by applicable law, we and our collaborators, licensors, affiliates and distributors disclaim all warranties of any kind regarding the site or the content, including but not limited to anything we say at any time.
  16. DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES. The site and the content are provided “as is”. To the fullest extend permitted by applicable law, we and our collaborators, licensors, content providers and distributors (other than providers of user content) disclaim all warranties of any kind (express, implied or otherwise) regarding the site or the content, including, but not limited to any implied warranties of merchant ability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. We and our collaborators make no warranty about the accuracy, reliability, completeness, timeliness or quality of the site. We do not approve or endorse any user content or content provided by others. We, nor our collaborators warrant that the site will operate without error or interruption, or that the site or its server is free of computer viruses or other harmful materials.
  17. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY AND REMEDIES. We make the site and the content therein available free of charge. Your use of the site and the content is at your own sole risk. In no event shall we or any entity linked to www.c1m.io be liable to you, in contract, tort or otherwise, for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential, punitive, exemplary or other such damages arising out of relating to the site or the content, or your use of the site or the content, or these terms of use, even if the site or content is defective or we are negligent or otherwise at fault, and regardless whether we are advised of the possibility of such damages. If, notwithstanding the other provisions of these terms of use, we or our collaborators are found liable to you (in contract, tort or otherwise) for any damage or loss arising out of or relating to the site of the content, or your use of the site or the content, or these terms of use, our liability and the liability of our collaborators shall in no event exceed £25 in aggregate even if the site or content is defective or we are negligent or otherwise at fault, the foregoing limitations shall apply to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.
  18. INDEMNITY. You agree to indemnify and hold www.c1m.io and our collaborators and out and their respective officers, fellows, governing board members, directors, employees, and agents, from and against all claims, actions, suits, damages, liabilities, and costs (including, without limitation, reasonable legal fees) arising from or relating to your use of the site or any of the content, your provision of any user content, an/or your failure to comply with any provision of these Terms of Use.
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  21. COPYRIGHT COMPLAINTS. We respect the intellectual property rights of others. If you believe your copyright has been violated on the site, please notify us at admin@c1m.io
  22. REPORT COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENTS, where you find the contact information for our designated agent under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. That contact information pertains only to notifications of claimed infringement. Please direct all other communications regarding the site to admin@c1m.io
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  24. TERMINATION, DISCONTINUATION OF SITE OR ELEMENTS. The rights granted to you hereunder will terminate automatically upon any breach by you of these Terms of Use, unless we otherwise specifically agree in writing, but the other provisions of these Terms of Use will survive any such termination. We reserve the right at any time at our sole discretion to cease providing content, to change or discontinue any aspect or element of the site, or to cease making the site available.
  25. ELIGIBILITY. You affirm that you are either more than 18 years of age, or an emancipated minor, or possess legal parental or guardian consent, and that you are fully competent to use the site and to enter into and comply with the Terms of Use. In any case, you affirm that you are at least 18 years of age. Use of the site by anyone under 18 years of age is not authorised.
  26. GENERAL. If any provision of these Terms of Use is held to be invalid or unenforceable, that provision, to the extent unenforceable, shall be struck, and shall not affect the validity or enforceability or the remaining provisions.  Your rights under these Terms of Use are personal, nonexclusive and nontransferable. Headings are for reference purposes only and in no way define or limit the scope or extent of any provision of these Terms of Use. Our failure to act with respect to a breach by you or others does not waive our right to act with respect to subsequent or similar breaches. Except as otherwise expressly provided in these Terms of Use, nothing herein shall be deemed to confer any third-party rights or benefits. We may change these Terms of Use from time to time without advance notice. Your use of the Site or any of the Content after any changes have been made will constitute your agreement on a prospective basis to the modified Terms of Use and all of the changes. These Terms of Use set forth the entire understanding and agreement between you and us with respect to the subject matter hereof.
  27. OUR WEBSITE & ASSOCIATED ONLINE COMMUNITY IS A FINANCIAL DATA NEWS PORTAL, DISCUSSION FORUM AND CONTENT AGGREGATOR. www.c1m.io is not a broker/dealer, we are not an investment advisor, we do not provide access to non-public information about publicly traded companies, and this is not a place for the giving or receiving of financial advice, advice concerning investment decisions or tax or legal advice. We are not regulated by any Financial Services Authority.
  28. WE ARE SOLELY AN EDUCATIONAL PLATFORM. We provide educational material that you agree to use at your own risk. We in now way guarantee any market direction, performance or anything to do with any trade you make at any time. www.c1m.io is not responsible for any financial losses you may incur while trading. You trade at your own risk. You realise and agree that cryptocurrency is very volatile and there exists a potential to make losses.
  29. www.c1m.io reserves the right to ban, remove or deny any member we deem to be found doing anything that contravenes any of our stated Terms of Use.
  30. REFUNDS. All transactions are final. You assume all responsibility for your purchase, and NO REFUNDS will be issued under any circumstance.
  31. NOTIFICATIONS. C1M+ members can enjoy our private trade alerts at their own risk. These trade alerts are merely to draw your attention to potential profitable opportunities. We take no responsibility for your actions based on our trade alerts, at any time.

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Refund Policy

We offer a 14 day trial at the start of your first membership period where you can try out our cryptocurrency trade alerts.
Once this trial period is over you will be charged using the details you gave us when you signed up. This will begin your membership and you will be charged again at the start of the next period on an ongoing basis until you cancel, be that monthly, quarterly or annually.

If you want to cancel before the trial period is over you can do so at any time. We offer no refunds once we have charged you and your trial is over.

Subscriptions that are cancelled will lose access to all of the membership features (trade alerts, specific C1M+ Discord group/s access, and individual coaching sessions etc) at the end of the membership period.

We have many customers that sign up for a quarterly subscription to save money and then decide that they would like to take advantage of the even better pricing available for the annual or lifetime memberships. All subscriptions can be upgraded to a longer term by contacting us at our support email address support@c1m.io

We do not offer refunds for partial periods of membership.

Users who violate our Discord community guidelines may be removed from our Discord community without notice, at our discretion. We will normally attempt to deal with any transgressions amicably but the rules are there for a reason and we are not obliged to deal with people that are promoting other businesses without permission or being rude or aggressive towards our staff or customers. If you are removed this would include losing access to our trade alerts and no refund will be offered as a result of this decision. Access to our courses, tools and coaching may still be available on our website for the duration of your membership but this will be decided on a case by case basis.

To cancel your subscription please go to your member dashboard and use the cancellation functionality there to stop your membership. Your course progress and other customer data will be saved should you wish to reinstate your membership at a later date. Emails / contacting us directly via Discord will not be considered as notice of cancellation and you may be charged via your chosen payment method.

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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is very simple, we do not share any personal data with anybody at any time, ever.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us and we do everything reasonable in our power to guard your information from being distributed illegally or wilfully.

We reserve the right to share private analysis as appropriate with the community. Any such information will be shared anonymously without any identifiers pointing to specific customers.

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